Forth Culture is a coming together of the humanities, science and nature with an emphasis on health and wellness presented in a tangible visual culture.  It is an open invitation to take part in conversations, contributions and interactions from multiple disciplines, with an aim to inspire ideas and enquiries in the context of our everyday lives.

| The Vision

Culture of Communication
To spread great ideas and embrace polarities, particularly across multiple disciplines, as it is the way forward for knowledge, growth and self evolution.

Active Life
In the pursuit of exploration, adventure and discovery.

Health and Wellbeing
When we cultivate our own wellbeing, we also affect the wellbeing of the environment we live in and that of global society.

If you look closer to nature you can find the beauty of life. To care for the natural world we live in is to be conscious of all we do that impacts it.


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The five forms of the platonic solids are the basis of sacred geometry. The word platonic, especially as platonic love, is an embodiment of the mind and soul guided toward the spiritual nature of things and supreme beauty.