A blade of grass is the journeywork of the stars. –Walt Whitman

In a world made up of polarities, there is always an innate tendency for balance as opposite forces create everything we know. Without contraries there is no change or progression in terms of our evolution, character or well-being. We have been presented with countless examples in our everyday and to envision this we don’t need to look much further than the very universe we live in. At the most fundamental level, our cells are made of a cloud of oppositely charged electrons and protons that create a magnetic pull and bind us together. If a nucleus were devoid of the strong force which binds protons and neutrons, our central structure would fall apart as like repels like. We are all energy systems and it follows that our emotional states also ebb and flow from high to low and return to equilibrium once again. Our thoughts which control our emotions are similarly powered by left and right brain tendencies that move between the rational and imaginary and bring possibility into realization through perpetual communication. This relationship is analogous to that which is found between the humanities and sciences. However, communication is widely fragmented in their case.
Reassembling into a culture of communication requires us to see past existing borderlands not through consensus, but collective consciousness, with authentic expression, questions and answers that change the shape of our lives in constructive ways. From the infinitesimally small to the macrocosmic everything works together in an elegant proportion. One in which the whole is in perfect kinship to its parts; the smaller is to the larger, just as the larger is to the whole. No matter where we’re standing within this framework, we are all interconnected, interweaved and inter-acting in the most uncanny ways. All is self-adjusting and made just right for life, which is something to keep in mind as we go through our daily cycles. Our mind, body and spirit form a whole in conjunction with the environment we live in. When we cultivate our own wellbeing, we are also affecting the wellbeing of the environment we live in and that of global society. Everything happens by choice, but sharing the knowledge we obtain while creating a network for conversation, collaboration and contribution across different fields of activity is the way forward. It opens us to new perspectives, insights, discoveries and evolution of self. 



This is a natural state just as our very universe is expanding as we speak. At a subatomic level we know all is energy in motion, we are programmed to resonate within and without in a constant state of flux. Our situations change, our ideas, experiences and environments change, the wind changes, this is the way of life. As The Book of Five Rings explains: “so also should one possess the ability to change in accordance with one’s own situation to easily shift between disciplines, methods and options when presented with new information. A person should master many aspects of life allowing them to possess both balance and flexibility.” To change and evolve in the most conscious, authentic way possible we have the task to listen and introspect, to see and imagine, to speak and to do. We as human beings are a species capable of culture, though being cultured has nothing to do with being humane
Our life is one continuous journey, one which involves awakening to what lies within and how our innermost nature, which is uniquely ours, deeply extends to the outermost workings of the universe. Awake, our pupils are gateways to light, contracting and expanding with the presence of a light source. Contemplating the word pupil, one can gather that we have come here to become enlightened, to learn. We are here to share what makes us resonate at our highest frequency, to live what we love and bring it into fruition, for as G.B. Stern said, “silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” Many contraries and contradictions will present themselves as vehicles for change, to push us forward in some capacity and evolve us into the best versions of ourselves. We are reciprocities of nature and of the universe, the multiverse – for we are a multiverse. When we are the best versions of ourselves then it can only reflect back on all that we’re a part or a whole of.