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Lifeblood: On The Geometry Of The Heart, Biomorphism And A Sentient Earth

This turning or bending motion has also been observed in Tornado Alley in Kansas where tornadoes follow each other in lines and advance in a northerly direction before turning to the right for no discernible reason. Because the Chestahedron fits perfectly into a sphere, with all points touching the surface, this demonstrates why there’s such an observable effect – the tornadoes are following the edge of the Chestahedron. The Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis are also linked to the heart form contained within the earth. Just as there are two conical structures found in the human heart, these selfsame cones are also present in the sphere of the earth and are the areas through which the northern and southern lights move. In the North, the Aurora Borealis develops around two circles determined by the cones, such that it is elliptical in nature and never enters the smaller circle. Yet, with the Aurora Australis in the South, light tends to a circular shape and migrates across the center area as well.

Just as the earth spins along its own axis and is in orbit within our solar system, spinning a tetrahedron in a cube along a line that is √3 will bring about a Chestahedron, and at the halfway point, an octahedron. Historically, the tetrahedron has been associated with the fire element and the octahedron with air. In Chinese medicine, the fire element is related to the heart and the seat of Shen (spirit, love and wisdom). In the Ayurvedic chakra system, the fourth chakra is represented by air. The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra, Anahata translates to unhurt. It is to love without fear or pain and with compassion for oneself and others. In congestive heart failure, medicine has shown us various configurations the heart takes on when it is in a diseased state . In the spirit of architectural constructions, a congested, inflated heart is considered to be Romanesque in nature (spherical) while a healthy heart is considered to be Gothic (elliptical), there is also the extreme of a congestive, constricted heart.


Frank has been able to construct the geometric shapes of both extremes to show they do not have enough room to twist and move, which explains the manifestation of these pathogenic states. Moving between the two extremes (inflated and constricted) without getting stuck on either end makes the heart stronger and healthier. “Balancing” says Frank, “is the primary function of the heart. Our inner work improves balance. When we are able to see ‘periphery’ and center’ simultaneously; when we see ‘self’ and ‘other’ with equal equanimity, then we give the heart a loosening quality of balance that allows it to evolve etheric forces.” The Heartmath scientists have found that when we concentrate on our heart area, while recollecting feelings such as love, appreciation, or gratitude, positive results can immediately be measured in our heart rhythms (heart rate variability). This is called heart coherence, a state of balance between the workings of the heart and mind. By definition, it is a state of inner peace and wellbeing which in turn improves the emotional, physical, and spiritual forms in our lives.

By envisioning the unseen through the integration of the arts and sciences, waves of potential have been opened up to better understand our physiological workings and the workings of the natural world. Cardiologists have taken note of the findings to better understand physiological structures and events that were previously widely inexplicable. Further discoveries have been applied to seismic tomography, geo-spheric effects, oil spill containment and new beehive constructions. Gravity holds everything together, but what of the original scaffolding and of a sentient structure from within that is wildly invisible to our direct line of vision? The heart needs a body from which it can radiate its warmth. We are warm-blooded after all.


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