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At Home With Coloni

THE CONCEPT OF IKIGAI is centered on the idea that the more you give to life, the more you get back. It’s what gives meaning to your existence and allows you to effectively step outside of yourself to care for the wellbeing of another life form. A wonderful way to do so is by looking out for the environment or planting your own garden.

The gorgeous Coloni seed collections are the perfect place to start and include carefully selected botanical and floral species that are suitable for indoor environments. Each seed mixture comes with a gardening guide that includes watering instructions and troubleshooting advice for the various growth stages. Accessories include a glass planter with a self-watering globe, nutrient drops and volcanic soil.

| Volcanic Soil
Consists of black pumice originating from the Katla volcano on Iceland. Pumice is a rock formed through volcanic eruption. It is porous with a very high percentage of pores and thus weighs very little. It absorbs easily into the water and transports thanks to capillary action. Since the structure of the soil will remain constant over time, transplanting is not necessary.

Coloni’s latest S/S 14 collection, Dawn to Dusk, takes you through nature’s circadian rhythms and moods from Early Shades, Harvest Noon and Into The Night. The collection contains species with a graphic and dramatic character set against more wild tropes that creates a natural and less structured feeling.

Each collection is an enneagram of personality, or a plant language of sorts. Early Shades is like the sunrise; gentle, yet intense. Harvest Noon is casual, wild and unpretentious and Into the Night is fearless, dramatic, wild at heart and suspenseful. This echoes their previous S/S 2012 collection that included The Wave, characterized as unpredictable and wild, dreaming of the ocean and Awakening, the quiet, slow and shy type.

The selections will never go out of style and are wonderful company for kitchen windows, balconies, workspaces and bedrooms.

The S/S 14 Lineup:

Early Shades
Sleepy flowers, waking up with the morning sun and closes as the day ends. Early shades consists of sun-loving species with brittle stems and silky flowers tinted from the center in red, orange, yellow, white and pink:

  1. Limnanthes douglasii
  2. Eschscholzia californica “Appleblossom bush”
  3. Eschscholzia californica
  4. Eschscholzia californica “Bridal bouquet”
  5. Papaver crocus 

Harvest Noon
Like a multitude of impressions on a single day they are both quiet and sprawling. Mild and tranquil green hues with highlights in red and blue. Harvest Noon is an annual seed mixture with a natural, wild and meadowish feeling. It consists of characteristic grass species with decorative puffs along with five species of flowers that stand out as highlights:

  1. Briza maxima
  2. Hordeumjubatum
  3. Laguruspoaceaeovatus
  4. Papaverrhoeas
  5. Giliapolemoniaceae tricolor 
Into The Night

Dramatic, dark and graphic with intense flowering varieties. It stands out for its graphic details such as frosted white edges, speckles, coloured veined petals and geometric spots. Its flowers species are dramatic with a graphic appearance in black, white, indigo and purple:

  1. Collinsia heterophylla
  2. Nemophila “Freckles”
  3. Asperula orientalis
  4. Nemophila “Penny black”
  5. Nemophila maculata 

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