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An Intro: Traditional Chinese Medicine

FC: For someone who normally utilizes modern medicine, how can TCM be integrated into his or her wellness routine?
MTD: Speak with a TCM practitioner.  A well-trained TCM practitioner will be able to guide that person to take appropriate actions towards preventing diseases and healing of his body and mind.

FC: Which modern health problems do you feel are the most rapidly growing?
MTD: Among all the modern health problems that I feel are the most rapidly growing, the one that deserves the most attention is mental ttress.  We don’t focus enough on mental health and sharpening our ability to cope with stress.  The mental strain is normally the root cause, while physical disease is only the manifestation.  You can pour water on a branch all day long to stop the tree from drying up, but where you should focus is nourishing the root of the tree.  In TCM, we are always concentrating on the root rather than the branch because we understand that the alternative doesn’t work.

FC: If you could pick one alternative medicine practice what would it be?
Herbal medicine is definitely my favorite choice as an alternative medicine practice.  I feel closest to it because I grew up with it.  I understand its benefits very well because I’ve seen it work over and over again.

FC: Where does the future of healthcare lie, particularly where integrative medicine is concerned?
MTD: I believe that the future of healthcare will heavily involve integrative medicine because it is a system that has been tried and tested for thousands of years.  If the healthcare industry were comprised of medical practitioners who truly care about their patients’ well being, then they would surely integrate anything that brings health benefits to their patients.  This is truer than ever as patients increasingly become frustrated with side effects from chemical drugs. You can’t go wrong when what you’re doing is helping others heal faster, more effectively and without adverse side effects.  It is the future of medicine.

FC: When it comes to balance, health, longevity, wisdom and happiness, what are your top tips?
MTD: These things can be achieved. For me the key is being in touch with your emotions, accepting what you cannot change, and having gratitude for every day that you are alive.  Focus on your breath because the breath is what gives you life, and remember to be grateful for that.  Compassion is a proven method to achieve happiness in many holistic practices.  Have compassion for all things and people around you, but most importantly be kind to yourself.  Only from a place of internal peace and harmony can you radiate that positivity outward and affect your external environments with the same peace and harmony.

Play. Do things you want to do. Choose love over fear. Grow. Build strong bonds with family and friends and contribute to society and the earth.  These are the building blocks of happiness and balance. This wisdom can help people achieve health and longevity.

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